I LOVE to Control your Cock

I love to control your cock and mind and soon you will be my cock sucker puppet.   Standing at the very end of the train station platform you do everything I tell you.  Time to hang up to board the train. Oooh, you are barely able to walk with that load of yours aching to blow.  Now you call me from the train to tell me that you blew your load under a magazine.  Indecent Cream Exposure?  You splooged the ticket taker, dipstick, what did you expect?  He came to collect tickets not your jizz juice!  Now you have to disembark at the next stop.

CUMmuter Interuptus

You have arrived at the County Jail suffering from “CUMmuter Interuptus.”   Lucky for you I happen to know Sheriff Bettie and she is throwing you in the “Dunk” not “Drunk Tank.”  I told her to put the horniest Black and Latino Gang Bangers in there and they are going to be dunking into your blow hole.   This should be a coerced cock sucker paradise for a cock sucker and chronic stroker like you.

Sheriff Bettie Knows EVERYTHING

Sherrif Bettie knows EVERYTHING because Mistress Anna divulged all of your secrets to her.  Your longing for steaming caged heat, GANG BANGER COCK for your cock sucking mouth and a back end Bar-B-Q will soon be realized and on display.

Now I am empathetic to your dilemma cocksucker and Sherrif Bettie has agreed that as long as we can cam you in the “Dunk Tank” your violations will dissapear.  So get ready for the fact that the only cream that you will be getting in your mouth will be from caged heat cock in your blowhole.

Congratulations!  You have the most hits on Sheriff Betties “Cock Sucker County Jail” cam site!