“Bless me, Mistress Anna, for I have SINNED. I am a Cuckold  who is guilty of lying about my “Erotic True Self.”

How long have you been pretending to be straight in your Marriage?

It’s time to CONFESS to Mistress Anna!  Do you seriously think that the pathetic little pink newt between your legs could please any woman?   Your wife wants real, thick, juicy MAN COCK not that cocktail wiener you think is one.

Your Gay Dildo Show

They have put you on a regimen of Shemale and Gay porn and that is all you may watch.  How do you know you are a Cuckold? Because you put on Dildo Shows for your wife and her real man and you crave her cream pies.

Enjoying  the cocktails that you had to serve to them on a little silver tray, they laugh at how your little nubby puffs up as you fuck yourself with a black 10-inch dildo.  PATHETIC!  Your wife’s boyfriend KNOWS that all you can think of is to serve him.  They BOTH KNOW that you want him to take you in every available orifice that you possess.

The Cuckold Cream Pie

Maybe if you’re good, wifey may sit on your face after she has been with her real MAN and give you the whole cream pie.  As a special treat, she may let you clean out the left overs.  You long for every drop of his cream and want so badly to suck every drop out of her.

So, confess and account to Mistress Anna what a pathetic cum loving cucky you are.  Admit that you are a cum dumpster and so turned on by your wife’s lover that you are a cock sucker.

You Worship his Man Cock

That cream pie you so willingly clean out turns you on because it came from his big, hot, MAN COCK that you worship so desperately.

Your pathetic dildo shows are for him, you KNOW that.   He can see how your palpitating meat hole contracts and expands, sucking up that 10-inch dildo.

Through your confession to me, your identity and path are now found.