Secret Stroking and Cock Control

There you are, already aching, as we begin our Cock Control Stroking Session.  You pull into the endless line of Cars at some proverbial “Artisan, Hipster” Fast Food Eatery.  The line crawls at a snail’s pace.  I have you unbutton your pants, slowly unzip and discreetly slide your hand down your briefs and under your sac while you steer with the other hand.

There are 9 cars ahead of you and, as each car retrieves their order, you are allowed to stroke, deeper, harder, faster, slower, the rhythm and my direction evolving with the traffic.  You beg me to not make you stop each time the cars break for the next customer, but I make you stop.

Stroking on the Sly

The agony and ecstasy of your throbbing cock, as you stroke on the sly only adds to the final explosion that you may be allowed AFTER you pick up your order.

You beg me that you are worried about getting caught stroking.  Drivers behind or ahead of you will notice!  A squad car is just ahead of you!  I giggle at your trepidation and lack of will to not follow my control over your mind and cock.

Magazine on lap, you pay and desperately try to find a parking space.  Success!  You found the perfect discrete and protected spot.   With trembling hands you pretend to sip your coffee and not reveal the ecstasy of your final release or the agony of orgasm denial.

I wonder what this Stroking Session shall bring?

Hot coffee and blue balls or a limp with release glazed beignet?

Au bientot, stroker!