Listen to my voice as I read you this get to know Mistress blog post.  Welcome to my world.

Slaves it is time for you to get to know me — Ms Anna — in a very “deep” way.  I have a wonderful bond with many submissives already, so I will take this time to let you know about Mistress Anna whom you serve so well. Those of you who have been lucky enough to do a session with me already know how skilled in erotic femdom I can be. Guiding you in our sessions or on cam is a thrill for me when I can feel you through the sounds you make, your moans, breaths, and your sounds of surrender.

Mistress Anna’s Fetishes

I am a truly talented Femdom Mistress, and I am skilled in many fetishes. I can take you from being a man and completely feminize you, even turning you into a sissy. Your whimpers get me wet, so make sure you know that I will make you beg me for every stroke when I am your cock control Goddess. Perhaps I will make you cry with a heavy dose of humiliation. Maybe pain play is what gets you all hot, and it does for me too! In the end, no matter the kink, you will do your best pleasing your Mistress Anna through your best and loyal service and devotion to me.

I love erotica and creating erotic fantasy audios for you. Make sure you hear my voice on each blog I do. And remember, you can request a custom audio from me!

Follow and Learn About Mistress Anna

I don’t write every day though, so I realize my loyal admiring slaves will need a Mistress Anna “fix” more than that. You will follow these instructions
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Enjoy learning more about my wicked and creative mind that I will fuck you with over and over again!


Mistress Anna