Look, I find this beating around the proverbial Gay Truth bush rather dull so I am now administering the “Homo Truth Serum” to you! I am of course taping this Session so you will always have a reminder of how Gay you are.

Real Man COCK

You always start off whining about women wanting real Man Cock when the TRUTH is that you want every closet Gay hole in your body filled with massively enormous COCK. With my Homo Truth Serum, we cut straight (pun intended) through your fixation on Women not wanting you or your pathetic dick!  Now you freely admit that women not wanting you was just an excuse for you to talk about Cocks.

Three Dildos

I had placed three Dildos of various dimensions on the table beside the sofa. As the Homo Truth Serum takes effect, your eyes become fixated on the biggest black dildo. Now you are freely admitting to me how you long for Cock. You reach for the 11-inch black dildo and stroke it, tease it with your tongue and start tip fucking it with your mouth.

Your GAY Homo Truth

You are so fixated, so lost in your GAY truth that you don’t notice my Assistant Sam unbutton your pants and slide them off. You do notice when he slides you into silky black lace panties. You arch your back and moan when you feel the silky panties against your cock. No longer able to control yourself, you press down on the crotch of your panties and feel the heat of your hand through the silk. Pre-cum is already dampening your lacy panties as you drown your moans with that Black Dildo you are now deep throating.

I wonder what goals we shall formulate for the rest of your Treatment Plan?