The passenger excuses himself profusely and gives you a sly smile, cock sucker, and walks to the restroom. You watch him intently as he turns around and discretely runs his fingers from his belt to his zipper.  He  suggestively signals you, briefly pointing to his cock. He ever so casually turns and disappears into the restroom. You can see that the restroom light is still green, signaling “unoccupied.” You know that he is waiting for you and you are drawn to him.

You must now admit to yourself AGAIN what you have ALWAYS KNOWN. You are indeed a cock sucker, a mindless meat seeking minnow, being drawn, hooked, and reeled in by his cock bait.

Your desire for your mouth and the restroom signal light to be “Occupied” is unquenchable. This was always on your cock sucking DREAM itinerary. ADMIT that. Know that.

Your cock sucking dream materializes.

You wait half a minute and walk down the aisle and discretely enter the restroom. The passenger locks the door and firmly grasps you, and then spins you around.  You begin to say something, but he just shoves you and pushes you down on the closed toilet lid. “No talk, just COCK,” he knows you ARE a cock sucker and will do ANYTHING for a taste of his salty, chocolate shaft.

You raise your hand to pull his zipper down, and he slaps your hand away. He unzips swiftly, and his thick, long, black cock, springs out of his pants with a life of its own and slams across your lips.

You are a cock sucker!

The passenger deftly pulls his tremendous swollen sac over the top of his briefs. You bury your face into the center of his sac pillows and proceed to cup his right ball in your hand. You enclose your mouth entirely around it, savoring the salty flavor. Rolling your tongue around his right ball you glide over to the left side and feel him contract and tense, his balls tightening with copious amount of cream.

You ARE a COCK SUCKER and barely able to contain yourself as you firmly grasp his shaft and run the tip of your tongue from the base of his cock to just under that gigantic, ebony mushroom head. You delight in savoring that gargantuan, “Lolly-Cock-Pop.” He thrusts forward slightly and starts tip fucking your mouth. Only the tip. He teases you with the endless tip fucking. You want the whole cock. You are desperate for the whole cock, pulsing, engorged, throbbing, crawling down your throat. Your hunger is voracious.

(To be Continued)