The passenger pauses for a moment and then you feel his cock anaconda start to slowly snake down your throat. You relax your throat muscles perfectly. You have been practicing for this moment. Your cock sucker virgin voyage has begun and you are now a member of the club! You deep throat that thick, steaming, gigantic shaft. The passenger grabs your head and becomes more aggressive. Your face is his fuck hole. He holds your head firmly as he pumps his cock in and out of your blowhole and exquisitely violates your mouth, your cock sucking mouth, HIS fuck hole.

Your First Cock Sucker Cream COCKtail

You savor the taste of the first pre-cum, salty droplets.  Nectar of the cock sucker gods! You want that shake, that cream shake. He thrusts his hot chocolate shaft farther down your throat and erupts. The force of copious amounts of thick, milky, cream, exploding, erupting down your throat almost knocks you back against the “Assistance Call” button. You gasp, drowning in it’s forceful flow.

The explosions are so intense that two little streams of ejaculatory juice escape from the sides of your mouth and trickle down your chin.

The passenger relaxes for a moment. His cock rests in your mouth, deflated, yet still quite immense in girth. He deftly slides out his now slumbering snake and wipes it off on either side of your face and exits.

Standing Cock-Room Only

It is now time to carefully tend to your needs and make yourself presentable again so that you can return to your seat. You proceed to exit the restroom. Discreetly, you open the restroom door and see a line of men waiting. You also notice that the other restrooms flash “Unoccupied.”

The next passenger shoves you back into the restroom.  Shock then anticipation visibly register on your face as you are pushed down onto your knee’s.  Your newly acquired cock sucker skill set inspires you to grasp the passenger’s zipper with your teeth to unzip his trousers.  You  can feel yourself swell and stiffen with the zipper’s vibration against your lips.

The new passenger locks the restroom door.  The line outside grows longer.  It’s “Standing Cock Room Only” and your mouth is once again plowed with cock.

(To be Continued)