The Inflight Intercom System dings three times.

“And now for a message from your pilot, Captain Rod.”

“Good evening to ALL passengers! Mistress Anna has directed me to relay this message to the cock sucker creating inflight turbulence in the restroom.

A Clueless Cock Sucker SURPRISE

She wants YOU to know that she booked this flight especially for you! She has charged TRIPLE for this flight. As ADVERTISED, her exclusive clientele is having “First Class Cock Sucker Service,” and YOU are her featured In-flight Bitch.”

“Mistress Anna would also like me to welcome you to your first training flight for the “Mile High Cock Sucking Service Crew.” She was remiss in apprising you of this rather MAJOR detail.

She would also like me to inform you that this evenings inflight movie is starring YOU and that all of the restrooms are wired for live feeds!

Uh Oh, A change in Flight Path

Mistress Anna also wants me to inform you that this flight has been redirected from New York to Singapore instead of Los Angeles and your inflight Cock Sucking Services will be demanded for the entire length of the flight. She feels that this redirection presents the perfect opportunity for you to navigate the wonders of popping your cock sucking cherry during the entire duration of the flight.

If you should need any medical attention, our inflight physician, Dr. Long Dong Ho, is available to wire your mouth open and administer throat relaxants!

On behalf of the entire crew of Air Anna, we would like to say…..”

“Bon Voyage Bitch!”