When your flight was booked, you requested a seat on the aisle.  You KNOW that the aisle seat is the seat of choice for a cocksucker.  And now here you are! Sitting and watching, transfixed, as the passenger stuffs his carry on satchel into the overhead storage compartment. The urge to bury your face directly into his bulging mound makes you salivate. You stiffen with longing as you gaze at that tantalizingly traceable, dangling cock, swaying under his trousers.

Your cock hungry mouth aches for his cock.

He stuffs his satchel deeper into the overhead compartment as you picture him stuffing himself deeper inside your cock hungry mouth. He is sooooo close, that you can feel a faint shimmer of heat radiating from that thick, long cock, beneath his pants. So close to your face that, if you could only release that big shaft and slide it into your mouth, it would be your “meat” entree for the rest of the flight.

The passenger is now seated in the window seat. He stands up and excuses himself to squeeze past you to the aisle. Instead of passing with his back to you, he cheekily turns facing you. The growing mound in his pants is so close, you can only imagine how heavy and loaded his sac must be.

He slides past you to get to the aisle, you imagine sliding your hands into his pants to release that already stiffening, hot, steaming shaft. If only you could free that gargantuan cock out of it’s boxer brief prison and into your willing cock sucker mouth.

Rough turbulence ahead.

The Captain announces that there will be ROUGH turbulence ahead. The plane suddenly lurches forward. The passenger lurches forward. For a few brief seconds his bulging crotch is pressed into your face. You revel in that brief cock encounter, your mouth, your lips, desperate to even have a little taste. Just one appetizing cock tip taste with a side of his salted honey nuts.

Will this cock sucking dream of yours become a reality?  Will you become a cock sucker?

(To be Continued)