I know you crave to be in my sissy window display in all of your sissy attire. Admit it! You are either craving the attention or the thrill of being coerced and on display for the pink cream puff that you are.

Frilly Sissy Gown

I have an exceptionally frilly sissy gown for you, my little coquette cock sucker, in shades of creme de menthe and the palest of pink. A very retro early 50’s Paris Collection look. You will be a living sissy model in the front window for the Spring Couture collection. This really is a fashion performance piece! Your Sissy Burlesque dreams realized as I have you slowly strip off your petal pink, elbow length gloves, then gown and down to the exquisite lingerie. Such highly structured  under garments with pink satin girdle and garters, thigh high silk stockings and push up bra. You will be my Retro Sissy Fashion Doll!

Couture Cockaholic Cock Sucker

There is a little something that I forgot to tell you my couture cockaholic sissy cock sucker!  I am so remiss!  Once you finish your little fashion strip show you will be retiring to a special changing room!   What?  You didn’t notice all of the men standing on the street viewing you?  You didn’t see all that Cock meat steaming the store window?  I bet that girdled waist and satin panty covered nubby is starting to cream at the thought of all those men on the street stroking while they watch you “display” yourself in the store window.

Fashonista Fluffer

Wondering what else Mistress Anna has in store (pun intended) for you, my fashionista fluffer? Don’t even try to feign surprise or consternation, because I KNOW what you long for in your sissy cream dreams.

For further modeling instructions call Mistress Anna at 800-601-6974