I am taking my foot slave for a quick shoe licking luncheon and glass of wine at a cafe.  You know, the type with tables dressed in long table cloths?

Extending my leg under the table, you can feel my 4-inch heel sliding just under your sac.  I watch you struggle to maintain a modicum of control as your arousal increases.  Your hand is shaking slightly as you try to sip your wine and I proceed to increase the pressure of my spike heel sliding it just under your heavy sac.

Insatiable Shoe Licking Slave

You are an insatiable shoe slave.  The waitress arrives to take our luncheon order and I order for you. Your ability to speak your native language has just lessened.  I drop my napkin to the floor under the table and tell you to fetch it.  You slide under our discreet little corner table. I think its time for your appetizer.

Thigh High Silk Stockings

Under the table you can see my endless legs and stiletto shoes.   I smile because I know you love thigh high silk stockings and the flash of a garter clasp just above my thigh.  The teeth of the clasps bite into into my stocking.  I extend my leg again and you run your tongue up the back of my spiked heel.   My musky shoe scent emits faint traces of fine Italian leather and my vetivert foot cream.

You continue to reverently lick and suck my shoe.  You savor every sensation as you slide your tongue down to the tip of the spiked heel and pulse it in and out of your mouth. I want those heels gleaming.  You must carefully lick and polish every inch.

The waitress is about to arrive with our order and I pull my foot away which is your signal to return to your seat.

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