The trials and tribulations of Preston’s transformation to “Sissy Pole-Dancer Princess” has been quite taxing AND a great source of amusement to me.

Oh, how he squealed like a Sissy Bitch during his first brazilian wax only to revel in the reward of its smoothness. My future fuck dolly dancer, so clueless, she does not even know what lies in store for her.

The Seductions of Sissy Pink Panty Silk

After she has properly oiled herself I make her step into her pink silk Sissy panties first. She coyly slides her waxed and oiled legs into the sheer, backless, Pink panties edged with layers of white lace. I love to watch Preston visibly pre-cream to the seduction of pink panty silk and always make him CONFESS to me how he is MY SISSY BITCH while doing so.I have chosen a princess satin ensemble consisting of matching princess top and pink satin hot pants that ride deeply up her ass. The back has a small opening in the rear, a crown shaped opening dotted with tiny rhinestones. This will be easy access for her future lap prancing, sissy dick dancing fun.

Her top is a low cut, pink push-up bra blouse with sheer, long chiffon sleeves. Pink silk stockings with hints of silver glitter sparkle from her ankles to her to her thighs. No longer does sissy stumble in her pink platform Go-Go boots. She has had Sissy School Training and is able to walk, turn and dance quite seductively, smoothly.

Bubblegum Sissy Pink for those Cock Sucking Lips

Her lips are painted Bubblegum Princess Pink. Perfect and Plump. Pink Sissy Cock Sucking lips.  To complete the look she wears Nordic Blonde extensions flowing to just below her waist. She bats her Cat Eyes at me and I DO delight in how the silver tipped, glam length, lashes catch the light.

Now for the crowning touch, the rhinestone tiara I have had her secure firmly in her hair. She has been instructed  that the only thing that should ever tilt her crown is a hefty piece of fine cock meat.

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