I may be a new Mistress to Enchantrix Empire, but this Dominatrix loves a Deocracy. Sharing rulership over a slave with another Mistress at the same time can get so surprisingly and supremely creative.  I feel this truly gives the slave some “TWO Mistress Motivation” when it comes to fast tracking the training.

Double  Mistress Humiliation

Imagine your predilection for humiliation and BOTH of us picking apart your very being, gender and ownership of that pathetic piece of meat between your legs! Yes, you meatless wonder, that could be YOU as we “shower” down all sorts of punishment!  It’s going to be DOUBLE Ass Worship for you, loser!

Double Cock Sucker and/or Bottom Training

I shiver with anticipation at this one. You know you fantasize and long for a training program inclusive of TESTS to see how much double cock sucker training you can get from two Mistress’s at ONCE. Double STUFFED, your mouth and meat hole stretched to its LIMITS.

Imagine both of us sending you on a special “Cock Patrol.” Making sure that you have perfected your COCK SUCKER skill set while we watch you blow every stud in the steam room of every bath house and gym within your vicinity. I know that you dream of BOTH OF US making YOU admit what a cock sucking FAGGOT you are, and that makes YOU a DOUBLE COCK SUCKER FAGGOT!  Once is NEVER ENOUGH for bitches like you.

Double Mistress Sissy Slut Training

Your panties dreams are on parade when we make BANK on your Sissy Slut Training and pimp you OUT at various Gentleman’s Clubs and Den’s of Iniquity.  DOUBLE THE SHOPPING as we choose every article of clothing and makeup that you will wear.

Yes, you will be dancing around and riding more poles than a Boston firehouse by the time we are done with you.

Or maybe you will be coerced to serve both of us at once as our Sissy Maid? If you thought “entertaining” just my guests at “Mayhem Manor,” was a “stretch” wait until you have TWO OF US directing you as our clean up, cock bait, fluffer-duster.  Yes, it is only then that you will learn the true art of how to properly “Polish multiple Banisters.”

Double Mistress CBT Anyone

And like a most graceful game of Tennis, you shall agonize as I smack my practiced “backhand” with your balls to the other Mistress. Back and forth we shall smack those pathetic balls of yours and you can’t even declare “Foul!”   Oh, DOUBLE THE PAIN as we “serve” ON you such excruciating torment, BALL BOY!

FOUR FEET are Always BETTER Than Two

Ooooh, my Mistress Lady friend and I standing over you.  Taunting you with our 4 inch high heel glamor shoes.   You devote your gaze to our thigh high, black silk stockings as we make you suck some shoe heel cock and press on your throbbing nob with our toes.  TWO MISTRESS’S, 2 PAIR OF SHOES, 4 SILK STOCKING LEGS, gliding, taunting, driving you insane as we slide out feet into EVERY nook and cranny that you posses.

You know you need DOUBLE MISTRESS MOTIVATION to be fit for service!