My Chastity Cage App

You just had to give in to my investigative powers, and this new chastity cage app makes it so easy peasy for me to know where you are and what you are doing 24/7!   Remember, excelling at work so you can spoil Mistress Anna should always be FIRST on your list!

Cock Zapped

I noticed your lunch was taking too long, so I gps tracked and zapped your cock and balls!  That little jump compliments of my chasity cage app had you excusing yourself and limping to the men’s room. My girlfriends laughed SO HARD.  We ran up quite the bill as we dined carte blanche on YOUR tab at one of my favorite 5 Star haunts.  So much caviar and so little time, LOSER.

Shrinking Your Chastity Cage

One of my favorite things is to shrink your chastity cage with my app.  I just KNOW  your teeny weenie is swelling and begging for mercy as the chastity cage tightens around that meatless wonder of yours.

My Russian Lover’s HUGE COCK

Taunting you at the restaurant with my Russian lover’s HUGE COCK is so much fun!  You must be burning with jealousy when I send some under table pic’s of him sliding my panties to the side and getting me wet with some olympian Russian finger banging.   Then a few more pics of my perfectly manicured hands (which you paid for) teasing his HUGE RUSSIAN COCK.

Last but not least, a final humiliation shot of me giving you the middle finger, and Anton giving you the pinky, because that’s all you have between your legs.

I see you are in your office bathroom.  Creaming your cage?  You can’t even diddle your teeny blini right now because I have the key!   HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


Interested in my Chastity Cage App?  Then call Mistress Anna at 800-601-6974